UK Tax laws are quite complex, difficult to grasp and are constantly changing. This makes it increasingly difficult to achieve maximum tax savings.

Dashwoods' long experience in dealing with tax issues means that we can offer you bespoke tax services to suit you and your business. We can assist you in fulfilling your tax obligations to HMRC as well as make efficient use of tax saving opportunities thus saving you money.

Corporation tax services
We will assist you with expert advice in planning your tax issues helping you take advantage of all the tax opportunities available.
Personal tax services
We will consider all options available to minimise your tax bill and advice you on the best options.
We will ensure that your VAT returns are submitted on time and that you pay the right amount to the HMRC.
Revenue Investigations
We can provide Fee Protection Insurance to cover you against the costs of an inquiry which can easily spiral out of control.
We will assist you by providing you with relevant information concerning CIS.
Capital Gains Tax
We will ensure make efficient use of your tax planning opportunities by claiming all the allowances available.
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Maximise your capital allowances

Changes from the Autumn Budget.